i love the 80's Pictures, Images and Photos

I love 80s Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Trapper Keeper

Meet my TRAPPER KEEPER. It's in mint condition with the red, blue and green folders.  Who didn't love this invention? All the different patterns, colors and shapes. That dizzying vinyl smell. Making cubicles with them on your desk. The sound of the velcro. It's music to my ears. Here are several that I found:


Who could forget the toys of the 1980's? It didn't make a difference if you were a boy or girl. There were toys for everyone. Little kids, big kids, tweens, teens and even adults. The toys of the 80's were simple and fun.  Everyone loved the Toys R Us Kids commercial. It was the universal sign that Christmas was on it's way. Santa was coming with your childhood wishes.
But, not everyone's wish came true. We all have that 1 toy that haunts us from our past. The one we wanted but never got.

In 1986 CHOSUN made HEART TO HEART BEAR. I was 10 years old  and didn't get that bear for Christmas. I did however meet the man of my dreams and on my wedding day that bear arrived brand new mint in box from ebay! Better late than never I suppose.