i love the 80's Pictures, Images and Photos

I love 80s Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, January 31, 2011


Who could forget the toys of the 1980's? It didn't make a difference if you were a boy or girl. There were toys for everyone. Little kids, big kids, tweens, teens and even adults. The toys of the 80's were simple and fun.  Everyone loved the Toys R Us Kids commercial. It was the universal sign that Christmas was on it's way. Santa was coming with your childhood wishes.
But, not everyone's wish came true. We all have that 1 toy that haunts us from our past. The one we wanted but never got.

In 1986 CHOSUN made HEART TO HEART BEAR. I was 10 years old  and didn't get that bear for Christmas. I did however meet the man of my dreams and on my wedding day that bear arrived brand new mint in box from ebay! Better late than never I suppose.

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