i love the 80's Pictures, Images and Photos

I love 80s Pictures, Images and Photos

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


                                                     My Swatches Pictured Above
So I still rock the Swatch Watch. I have 2 of them but I'm slowly adding to my collection. Remember the guards??? That little piece of rubber that went over the face. I haven't been able to locate a store in NJ that sells Swatch anymore. On ebay they range between $10 and $2,000+. I wonder where my childhood swatches ended up?  I remember kids wearing 2 or more on one hand. They were an excellent friend to the "jelly bracelets".  **Be sure to share you swatch story. Here are some pictures I found on various websites to show you:

So Charming

We bought them, traded them and loved them. I bought mine at a store called Mc Crory's. It's similar to a dollar store. For .50 cents you could buy one of these bell clip charms. For a $1 you could buy the plastic chain. Everyone had them. They made a lot of jingle noise. Everyone had their favorites. Mine included: The Abacus, The Eggs In Frying Pan, The Lipstick, The Sink, The Sailboat, The BMX Helmet and the STAR.

I wore my necklaces everywhere. I remember the hot lazy summers running around my backyard in my florescent bathing suit jumping off the pool ladder wearing my charms! I never took them off. I would do anything I could to earn .50 just to buy more charms. My sisters and I would drive our mom crazy all day...until she took us to Mc Crory's. I mean some days I think we would go at least 3 times. I was addicted. I couldn't get enough. They were found on everyone. Sadly, as time went by they slowly started to disappear. I was about 11 and in 6th/7th grade when the charms made their first appearance. By the time I got to high school...the charms were a simple memory. It's funny because when people see my charms (pictured) they remember everything about that care free time in our lives. A time when bell clip charms were our everything.